How do most newspapers make their money?

Now a days we mainly recieve our news from the web, radio, television.  Newspapers are raley being heard of. Theres a competition between newpapers and paper materials and technological ways of getting local and worldwide news. So we ask, how do newspapers make money? How do free newspapers have neough money to produce their newspapers if they dont charge the person buying them?

Newspapers make their money through advertisement. IF you wanted to have a spot in the daily newspaper to advertise your business or company you would have to pay a certain amount of money depending on where you want the ad, how big you want it, do you want it on the first page in big, bold letters or do you want a small a simple ad? Big publishing companies such as the New York Times would probably charge a fortune for you to place an ad in their newspaper since its so popular. A local newspaper would charge an affordable price but its only the local peopls seeing that advertisement. 

Newspaper companies also make their money through subscriptions and merchandising. They have to make their name known and have interesting, trustworthy stories. If their newspaper is filled with content that the readers like then the readers will buy buy and buy! Eventually they will sign up for a subscription to have a newspaper delivered to their doorstep daily. This subscription may be a monthly cost or even an annual cost! This is how newspapers make their money and can afford to waste all that ink and paper.

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